Plex Widget for Samsung TV

Plex for Samsung TV


With this widget it is possible to watch your Movies and TV-Shows, which are organized by your Plex Media Server (PMS) , on your Samsung TV / BD-Player (C-Serie / D-Serie).

If your TV/BD-Player has Internet@TV or SmartHub you should be able to install this widget.

If you are thinking about to buy a new TV / BD-Player because of this widget I highly recommend you to get one from the D-Serie.


Feature List:

- browsing through your Movie and TV-Show library
- watching your Movies and TV-Shows
- Audio output will be set automatically to Dolby Digital, DTS or PCM depending what your video files have
- while you watch you can fastforward and fastrewind (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x)
- if you want to watch more than just one episode, enable autoplay and it will automatically start the next episode
- if you watch Movies / TV Show Episodes and they are in 4:3 you can stretch them to 16:9
- saving your progress from your Movies and TV-Show episodes (even when you are watching every 20sec)
- continue your Movies and TV-Shows from where you stopped them
- will set your Movies and TV-Shows as watched when you finished them
- theme music will be played when you enter the TV-Show (you can disabled it in the settings)
- you can set a Movie, TV-Show, TV Show Season or a single Episode as watched/unwatched


How to install Plex Widget on your TV or BD-Player.

The Widget has to be located on a webserver. You can setup your own webserver in your local network. Maybe you already have one.
Or you use mine, IP is
The installation via your own webserver is only necessary if you want to change the code in the app (for devs see here How-To install Plex Widget with your own webserver ). 

If you have an C-Serie TV remove any old version of Plex and reboot your TV.
Then follow the guide to install the latest version.

- start your TV
- update to the latest firmware
- open your SmartHub/Internet@TV


Step 1

First we have to create the developer account.

- push the RED button on your remote
- go to Create Account
- type in as SmartHub ID develop
- choose a password (anything is ok)
- Create Account
- then Login with the account


Step 2

Now we are logged in and you should see in the left bottom corner the login name develop.
Next step is to setting up the Server IP. 

- push the BLUE button on your remote for settings
- go to Development -> Setting Server IP
- type in the Server IP (my IP:
- push ENTER on your remote to save it


Step 3

Last step is to install the Widget

- push the BLUE button on your remote for settings
- go to Development -> User Application Synchronization
- now the App will be installed
- when it's done select Complete and close the SmartHub/Internet@TV
- reboot your TV (turn it off, then on)
- start your SmartHub/Internet@TV and you should see a new icon with a red label USER in the apps list
- if you don't see it check the second page also
- now start it and have fun

If you have any problems you can ask here for help.