The new Linux Kernel 4.0 - EN

The new Linux Kernel 4.0

Linux kernel 4.0

Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux) announced the latest version of the kernel. Please note that Linux is not an OS (Operating System) but a kernel, which is an important distinction because not all operating systems based on Linux are the same. For example, Ubuntu, Android, Chrome OS and Debian are all four Linux-based, but completely different.

Which qualofies it as Linux is by using the kernel. The 1.0 release of the Linux kernel was in March 1994 - more than 21 years ago. Meanwhile, they are statistically in the git over half a million 'commits' in this release and they crossed the 4 million' git object limit. In the transition to 3.0 kernel version they exceeded a quarter million.The 'commits' and 2 million.The' git subjects.

Real monumental innovations despite the new version number are not easy to be found. There are mainly functional and cosmetic improvements made. Even without dire consequences so.
Nevertheless, this is a landmark moment for the open source community, which is the basis for future developments.
One of the new features is the ability to update, without rebooting the operating system. This 'live kernel patching' is integrated as kernel-addition and developed in collaboration with Red Hat and Suse. There are also the necessary graphical enhancements to the kernel update.
Furthermore, the new kernel version will provide display port support in the Radeon DRM driver. There is support Quarc-soc Intel Z13 mainframe added as IBM and various ARM socs. The kernel can also manage with Intel Skylake-Achitecture, also handles the open source Nouveau driver for Nvidia hardware several necessary improvements.

Torvalds indicates that there is no style changes or other issues underlie the Linux kernel version 4.0 but as a solid foundation for future progress and improvements in both performance and graphics capabilities.

You can compile this kernel yourself, this is not recommended. Most workstation users should wait until their system comes with an official upgrade to 4.0. This to maintain stability and support.