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Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS


I bought this lens together with the Canon EOS 60D instead of the stock lens. It is a zoom lens with a wide range so you're very flexible and almost no need to change lenses. The lens was relatively cheap and the idea was to first go with this lens and the new camera right away so that afterwards I could make a better choice for any expansion or replacement of the lenses. This lens can therefore be regarded as an ideal travel lens especially for beginners.

See Canon EF-S 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 IS


  Canon EF-S 18-200mm
Categorie Cameralenzen
Merk Canon
Serie EF-S
Uitvoering 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Technische Specificaties:  
Mount Canon EF-S
Zoom (wide) 18mm
Zoom (tele) 200mm
Diafragma (wide) 3,5
Diafragma (tele) 5,6
Diafragma wide-tele f/3,5-5,6
Stabilisatie Optische stabilisatie
Filtermaat 72mm
Focusmechanisme Automatische Focus (motor in lens)
Focusmotor DC Micro Motor
Kleuren Zwart
Gewicht 595g


  • 11x zoomobjectief – 18-200mm
  • 4-stops Image Stabilizer
  • Automatic detection of panning and tripod
  • Shortest Focusing Distance of 0,45 m
  • Spherical and UD lens elements
  • Super-Spectra lens coatings to prevent ghosting and flare
  • Zoom lock to maintain minimum size
  • Circular aperture for pleasing background blur

AF (no USM)

This might have been in retrospect a less good choice. USM ie Ultrasonic Motor makes for a much quieter, smoother and faster AF ie AutoFocus. However, Auto Focus is not so bad but should be quieter and faster. Next time however this will really be a requisite sense when choosing the lens.

Chromatic aberration

Thanks to a UD lens element would follow the Canon do not suffer from chromatic aberration. However I must say that this is not entirely true, it at least in some situations, however, it is visible but not distracting.


Regarding to the type of lens and the range this is limited enormously. Especially at wide zoom you can get some distortion. Sometimes you want to effect true even if it is not bothersome disappointing. Additionally you can measure correct the supplied Canon Digital Photo Professional software, take the latest version of DPP which you can download on the Canon site.

Lens flare

This is reasonable under control again given the composition of the lens. Do recommend the use of a hood. Note, however, when using the lens hood with the integrated flash of your Canon camera. The lens will cause a shadow with sun visor because it blocks the flash.


That is not strange at this lens, especially when fully zoomed out to 18mm, this can occur, however, it is not annoying vignetting and you can fix it by stopping down.


This is considered good especially for such an extreme zoom range. Completely open this lens delivers sharp images at best. Need more sharpness you will have to play with your diaphragm. At the edges, it can be a bit blurred at wide angle. For the 200 mm telephoto lens, however, you have full use of your aperture open with good light and so little depth. If neccesarry use a higher ISO or if you really need to use a tripod, otherwise results will be disapointing of the F3.5-5.6.


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