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PC Buildingproject HELIOS

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Helios PC Workstation


I needed a new workstation for my photgraph and filming aspirations.

So for Photoshop, HDR, video editing and Timelapse compilations I looked for a steady and powerfull computer that was able to render and also graphically capable of playing HD quality video.

Although I'm not a gamer I went to the Tweakers.net Buy-Guide and chose the High-end gamesysteem and altered it into a medium setup with parts of the Budgetgame- en gamesysteem.

Best Buy Guide - Desktop best buy guide: editie november 2012

For the Case I chose a more expensivebut also more flexible solution. Good and easy access and cable management and enough space to upgrade.


 Case Helios


 Case and Powersupply

Breedte 206mm
Diepte 520mm
Hoogte 508mm
 Case, Monitors and parts


 Parts 2

 Case, Power-supply, GPU, CPU-cooler, Memory, CPU, Motherboard, HD & SSD

Vermogen 550W
Voedingtype ATX12V, EPS12V
Voeding certificering 80 Plus Bronze





 Corsair Obsidian 550D

Behuizingtype Tower
Form Factor ATX (Standard), Micro-ATX (μATX)
Behuizing bay intern 6x 3.5"
Behuizing bay extern 4x 5.25"
Aansluitingen voorzijde 3.5mm headset, Microfoon, 2x USB 3.0

Power Supply

FX Pro 550W

mobo + CPU
 CPU attached on Motherboard


Intel Core i5 3570

Productspecifications on website Intel

Socket 1155
Snelheid 3,4GHz
CPU Core Quad
Maximale turbo frequentie 3,8GHz
Geheugen Specificatie PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600)




CPU Cooler CPU Cooler with Fans
 Preparing the CPU Cooler  CPU Cooler with Fans attached


 Attachments for Motherboard Cooling pasta
 Attachments for Motherboard  Cooling pasta

CPU Cooler