Black & White Challenge 2014 - EN

In October 2014 I was nominated by a Facebook Friend for the Black & White Challenge. This appeared to be a challenge for 5 consecutive days every day to upload a selfmade black & white photographs (monochrome).

I made a choice of several images that would be appropriate to post for this challenge. It seemed I had more than five possible candidates.


First one is a timeless picture of the market of my hometown Eersel in wintertime. It shows the old pump of the village and a chappel at the background with a Christmas stable in front of it.

It has been taken in december 2010 just a day after Bibberblues Festival. Because there are no cars visible and with all the snow it looks like an old postcard .

Eersel Market Wintertime
 Eersel Market in Wintertime


Next is a picture at a traffic Fly Over at The Hogt in Veldhoven nearby Eindhoven, its part of the surrounding highway around the city from north to south.

Fly-Over De Hogt
 Fly-Over De Hogt

Completely different scenery is the Neo Gothic entrance of the guesthouse and conference center at Postel Abbey with distinctive masonry arches.

Postel Abbey
 Postel Abbey


 Another winter scene,

 Fense with moon and haze
 Fense with moon and haze


My fifth monochrome photo is from summer 2014 on a nearby natural landscape area called Cartierheide wich is a heathland with several touristic sight seeing and walking routes.

Bench on Cartier Heide
 Bench on Cartierheide


 I had some more nice black and whitephoto's to share. The next one is the Postel Abbey Church 'Sint-Niklaas' with Geese in flight.

Postel Abbey Church 'Sint-Niklaas'
 Church 'Sint-Niklaas' at Postel Abbey


 And some leftovers from my monochrome collection.

 Schans  Water
 Fietser  Boom
 Pad  Eiland
 Horse  Snow
 Paadje Fietspad ASML


Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed it.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D

Lens:Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Photos by Johfrael ©